CephaloMetrics AtoZ

CephaloMetrics AtoZ ver.12 New features


Treatment simulation supports Occlusal plane.

Ver.12 can change treatment in FH and Occlusal plane.
Quantity of movement from Occlusal plane. is displayed, and a treatment prediction is plain.


Minimize a treatment dialogue.

You can minimize treatment DIALOG with a minimization button.


Readjust an image

Click "Reload" of the thumbnail input tool. Then you can return it to original data before the trimming.

Renew icon data. (MacOS 10.6)

Ver.12 can change icon data of the 8bit form for full color data.


X-rays and Photo input the trace of the soft tissue separately.

Revise X-rays and the trace of the soft tissue of the color photo separately.
Ver.12 can revise X-rays and two kinds of the color photo with a soft tissue in AtoZ separately.
You can perform beautiful Morphing without revising trace before Morphing every time when you do the trace of the soft tissue separately.

Plus More Updates and Feature Enhancements



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