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About upgrading to Mac OS Sierra (OS 10.12)

We have supported MacOS 10.12.

The numerical value of the orthodontic /surgery simulation is saved.

When doing and saving orthodontic/ surgery simulation, it was changed so that the numerical value of the amount of movement and a trace line might be saved. Even if it opens again once again after preservation, the figure you moved last time can be confirmed.



Previous versions



New versions



CDS analysis

You can CDS analysis. It's possible to output as a JPEG file.



The format is added in the view layout.

The following format was added newly.

view layout



The CT value of the volume is changed, and it's indicated.

It's possible to control indication of the volume which is a base by "Base Level" and "Base Width" of a volume tab.


volume tab  volume rendering


volume rendering

Create Motion of Volume rendering

You can make a motion of a volume rendering.

Movie: This page


volume rendering


Volume disp. and Section, Cephalo disp., set separate background colors.

You can set separate background colors with volume screen and section/cephalo screen.

   back ground color


The density of the section can be set on the "Section" display.

When the left drag does on the window, Window Level and Window Width can be controlled.

cross section


Reset in the location of the volume

When the volume has gone out outside the screen, control+ viewpoint change button is clicked, and the volume is indicated in the screen.

reset volume location

rotate the volume, and set cross section.

It's possible to make the volume of the lower right revolve in section tab. rotate the volume, and set cross section.

set the cross section

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