CephaloMetrics AtoZ

CephaloMetrics AtoZ ver.19 New features

AtoZ Ver.19

New features

3D analysis

■ 3D Analysis is add in Volume Rendering
■ The landmarks that was input three dimensions is projected to sagittal plane.
  2D analysis is done using the projected landmarks.


Positioning for STL by dialog.

■ "Ajustment"dialog is add.You can adjust the position by the numerical value input in the dialog.

■ Undo and redo are add.



STL data synthesis

■ Synthesizing extracted root model from CT data to scanned 3D model.


Level Anchorage

■ Level Anchorage chart is add.


3D CO-CR Conversion

■ Use STL data of maxilla frame and mandible frame, upper arch and lower arch.



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